Privacy Policy

The Athletic Club collects personal information from its members in the regular course of doing business.   This brochure answers some of your most frequently asked questions, and lets you know exactly how we’re protecting the information you entrust to us.

What personal information do you collect about me?

We collect the following information about you:

  1. Contact Information:  Name, Address, Postal Code and Telephone Number and Email Address
  2. Emergency Situations:  Name and Phone Number of Emergency Contact
  3. Demographics:  Date of Birth and Gender 
  4. Financial Information:  Payment card, payment card number and banking information
  5. Other:  Employer’s name
In addition to the above, we will require that you show our staff government issued ID to verify your identity and address.  We do not collect or retain any other information from these documents.

How do you use this information?

  1.  The primary reasons that we collect and use your personal information are:
    (a)                to confirm your identity and to complete a sale or transaction with you
    (b)               to establish your eligibility for membership
    (c)                to determine the applicable membership fees and your eligibility for any special rates
    (d)               to verify your credit
    (e)               to establish pre-authorized payment arrangements
    (f)                 to ensure the safety and security of our members and their property
    (g)                to enable appropriate response to emergency situations
    (h)               to deliver correspondence directly to you
    (i)                  to limit the possibility of fraud in the case of new memberships, short term memberships and requests for refunds
    (j)                 to maintaining business records for reasonable periods, and generally managing and administering our business
    (k)                to meet legal, regulatory, insurance, security and processing requirements
    (l)                  otherwise with your consent or as permitted or required by law
  2.   If it is a necessary part of any of these transactions, we may disclose your information to another company. For example, if you apply for credit, we may pass on your personal information to a credit reporting agency so we can complete a credit check. We may also pass on your name and address to a courier company to complete a delivery.
  3. We may also use your personal information for other, secondary reasons, including:
    (a)                customer service
    (b)               marketing
    (c)                to administer a loyalty program
  4. We will also disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so.
  5. Your employer’s name is collected to determine your eligibility for credit, special rates and corporate discounts.  If you do not require credit and do not wish to obtain any special rates or corporate discounts, you do not have to provide your employer’s name.

How is My Personal Information Protected?

  1. Your personal information is collected by way of your completion of our Membership Application Form or our Insurance Release Form (for Day Passes, Weekly Passes or Corporate Passes).
  2. Until it is shredded, the paper application form is secured in a locked filing cabinet in a secured private office, accessible only to senior management.
  3. The membership application form will be shredded once your membership is terminated and the retention period (2 years) designated by our auditors and the Canada Revenue Agency has expired.
  4. For guests on day passes, weekly passes or corporate passes, your Insurance Release Form is scanned and shredded within 2 business days. Once the Insurance Release Form is scanned, the resulting digital file(s) containing your personal information will be stored on our computer system which is protected by encryption and by passwords which are changed at least once per month.
  5. The digital file(s) containing your personal information will be permanently deleted from our computer system once your guest pass has terminated or expired and the retention period (four days) designated by our auditors and the Canada Revenue Agency has expired
  6. Your personal information is accessible only by our senior management or administrative staff requiring access for one the purposes set out above. 
  7. Each of our management or administrative staff who has access to your personal information has been made aware of the legal requirements and proper procedures for keeping it confidential and we have implemented procedures to assist our employees in complying with this policy as well as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

How do you get my consent?

  1. When you provide us with personal information to apply for membership, complete a transaction, verify your credit, place an order, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, we assume you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason only.
  2. If we ask you for personal information for a secondary reason, like marketing, we will either ask you directly for your consent or provide you with an opportunity to say no. Saying no is called “opting out.” By opting out, you can tell us not to collect the information and/or not to share it with other companies.

How do I opt out?

  1. To opt out, you simply do not answer any of the optional questions on our membership application form(s).
  2. If you do not provide any of the personal information that we require for our business purposes, you will be refused access to our clubs and facilities.

How do I get more information?

  1. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your personal information.
  2. If you would like more information about our privacy policies, or if you would like to seek access to the personal information that we have about you in our records, or you wish to register a complaint, please contact:
                          Name:                                  Dan Pompilii
                          Business Telephone:      (519) 686-8777
                          Business Email Address:
                          Business Address:           3198 Wonderland Road South
                                                                      London, Ontario N6L 1A1
  3. You can also contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for assistance between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, at:

                                Toll-free:                1-800-282-1376

                                Phone:                   (613) 995-8210

                                Fax:                        (613) 947-6850

                                TTY:                       (613) 992-9190

                                By mail:                112 Kent Street, Place de Ville, Tower B, 3rd Floor
                                                              Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1H3

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