Pool Rules

  • Members have free access to the pool. A $2.00 fee applies to each child.
  • ALL non-members must buy a day pass. (The family swim is a service for club members and their children. A parent/guardian who does not belong to The Athletic Club must purchase a day pass. Please visit or call your local club for pricing. There are no exceptions for those choosing to view only.)
  • Once guests are signed in they may have access to all the facilities including the pool and aqua-fit classes.
  • Parents will be encouraged to stay in the water with their children at all times.  “Family Swim” suggests and supports the active participation of anyone and everyone in the pool area.
  • Children 6 and under must stay in arms reach of the parent at all times.
  • Except for water, no food or drinks are permitted on deck
  • Absolutely no street shoes, bags or other items will be allowed on the pool deck.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering and re-entering the pool enclosure.
  • Boisterous behavior is not permitted
  • As per our pool signs posted by the spa, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the spa. A child’s height is the most critical factor in their safety as it relates to spa use. To be in the spa, the child must be tall enough to stand flat footed in the deepest part while their head remains completely above water, WITH parental supervision!
  • The spa will be closed during all aqua-fit classes.
  • Parents are not permitted to take children of the opposite sex into the adult locker rooms. They must use the family change rooms provided.
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