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E-mail correspondance from Anik to our Manager at Orleans:

Hi Steve,

I am sure that Kyle is nervous about me asking for your coordinates - after all, I am all bark and no bite (he does not realize this).

But I wanted to make my views known and let you know what I think (I know - scary!)

Given (my previous gym) experience - I was not expecting much from your organization. But I was surprised, even very surprised! I had Nancy (don't know her last name - and wish I could have cc'ed her - I hope you will pass on the information) give me the tour, and answer all my questions. She was superb! Fabulous! Warm! And charming, even when I put her on the spot with stupid questions that I (asked her)

And then I joined with Meaghan at the Trainyards office (and she offered to go through her required speal, but I wanted the information differently and only wanted certain things to make my decision - she was awesome! She gave me exactly what I wanted without wasting precious time and energy on stuff that did not matter to me), and then I did my fitness consultation with Kyle. Let me tell you - I put him on the spot, questioning his competence and skills and what he could bring (ok - I was suspicious but you have no idea how terrible it was at my previous gym) to my experience at your facility. He was honest, caring and charming. He provided clear and concise answers to address my many concerns and spent the time I needed to go through the evaluation. I was even more impressed, by his knowledge but even more to his commitment to the company. I believe that he went out of his way and really provided me with a valued service.

I can not tell you how much that means to me - I am totally impressed with the facility and the three staff members I have had dealing with. Congratulations and keep up the great work! I am happy to know that Kyle will be at Trainyards - and I hoping the new facility (which is much closer to my home) will provide as much enjoyment as yours has!


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