Dawn's Testimonial

I received my new member "welcome" card and thought you might like some feedback on my first class at TAC. 


Quickly first, I am currently a brown belt in American Freestyle Karate and a 4th level kickboxer and have trained with some INSANE Senseis/Renshis/Instructors.  When our top Senseis left our club, bag classes became a thing of the past and I no longer felt like I was getting a "real" workout.  I am all about the hardcore workout you get in a bag/boxing/padwork and drills class and after yesterdays class at the Trainyards (with Jamie), I think I've found it again.  He's a great instructor and, the fact that you have a truly qualified instructor teaching these classes says it all.  Unlike other clubs who send their teachers on a "mandatory, anyone-can-get-certified, weekend course", having an actual qualified martial artist, makes ALL the difference in the world.  I am currently awaiting two knee replacements and wanted to drop some extra lbs. before my surgeries.  I was worried that I wasn't going to find the quality of class that I was used to but now my worries are over.


Also, I used to be a competitive bodybuilder and have been training in the weightroom since I was only 15 (now 43) and have belonged to many clubs over the years.  I am so impressed with the facility in general.  All I can say is, I can't believe a facility of this kind took so many years to make an appearance.  I live a long 25 minute car ride from the nearest TAC but it is worth every cent in gas + memb. 


So, I just wanted to thank you for bringing the club to Ottawa and for giving me back my drive.


Best regards,



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