"After losing both my Husband and Mother within two years to cancer, I felt like I had hit rock bottom with my only comfort coming from food. Emotionally the food would comfort me, but the weight I was gaining not only affected me physically, but psychologically as well.  I no longer was the happy-go-lucky, energetic, outgoing person I once was. I realized I was becoming someone I did not like. I had no energy and was becoming an introvert because I was ashamed of how much weight I gained, and therefore didn’t want anyone to see me.

I knew I needed help, and lucky for me so did my sister.  She was forever ranting and raving about this new fitness club she joined – The Athletic Club. She encouraged me to go and even brought me a trial membership. I thought OK, I’ll give it a try. Well to my delight, from the moment I walked in, I knew it was for me.  There was everything I wanted and more.  I couldn’t wait to join up and become a member.

I was impressed with everyone because they were so genuine and friendly and always taking a moment out of their day to ask how things were going. I then met Cheryl who was so energetic, personable, and informative during my initial assessment.  She had given me an abundant amount of information to consider about eating, exercising, and living well, including references for books that I immediately went and purchased. Cheryl not only took my physical measurements, but she really listened to my needs.  We talked a lot, and I decided to try a personal trainer – something I had never done before.

Wow something just for me!! I didn’t know what to expect from a personal trainer but couldn’t wait to meet Nicole. The second I met her I knew I made the right decision.  Even though I could barely get out of bed the morning after my first session, I couldn’t wait for more.  Nicole was so approachable, professional, encouraging, and fun. We talk about everything!  She made me forget about how sore I was and helped me to focus on the positive changes I was getting and how my demeanour was returning to that happy go lucky, energetic, and outgoing person I longed to be again.

The best part about being with Nicole is that it has made me accountable not only to her, but to myself. Knowing that Nicole is waiting for me gives me the encouragement and mental commitment to pursue my goals. Even after those long days at work, I am committed to accomplishing my goals because I know I have someone like Nicole who is on my side and working with me just as hard. She wants those results for me as badly as I do.

In the last 2.5 months I not only lost weight (over 20 pounds) and 18 inches, but have gained an appreciation for eating well, and exercising regularly and properly. Did I make the right decision – there’s not a doubt in my mind!  Everyone I have had the privilege of working with and meeting at The Athletic Club – especially Nicole my trainer, continues to help me help myself become that person I want to be.

A very big THANK YOU to you all!!!

Diana Iaquinto
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