Melissa's Testimony (Ottawa location)

Good day,
As I have now been a member since March (2011), I wanted to take the time to provide you with some general feedback on my experience at the Athletic Club to date, and more specific feedback on my experience with personal training.
Let me first say my overall experience has been exceptionally positive - this is why I wanted to take the time to write you with my feedback.  Having worked in client service, I know you will more often hear from the dissatisfied customers than the equally important satisfied customers.
I find that the club is always very clean.  It has a bright and welcoming atmosphere.  I attribute this to your exceptional staff.  Every single person I have encountered, from the staff at the front desk, to my orientation guide, to the cleaning and maintenance staff, has represented your company well.  They are upbeat, positive, friendly and attentive.  I would like to acknowledge Tamara P - who provided an excellent introduction to the club, and quite frankly, sold me my membership.  In addition, Lynn provided a great in-depth overview of the club in my consultation, and sold me on personal training.  I had so much fun with them both, I did not even realize the time was passing.  Furthermore, Lynn matched me with a trainer that I feel is perfectly suited to my fitness needs and personality.  If I was nervous about the cost, I have since concluded that personal training, with the right trainer, is well worth the money and time spent.  
The absolute-without-a-doubt-best part of my TAC experience has been my personal trainer, Danielle LeDuc.
Here are just a few of the many examples of Danielle's awesomeness:
Danielle is always on time and prepared for our sessions.  She respects me and my time.
Danielle puts in significant time outside of our sessions.  She always responds quickly to my emails.  She has detailed and carefully thought out plans prepared for our sessions.
Danielle has a spectacular personality.  She is engaging, fun and caring.  I find her to be very motivating - she knows when to push me, and doesn't let me get away with anything!  On the other hand, she recognizes when something might be too much, and quickly adapts the program.
Danielle is knowledgeable.  She has an excellent understanding of how the body functions, and how best to challenge me specifically.  When a particular exercise is, for whatever reason, not achieving the desired result, Danielle is able to adapt the movement on the spot.
Danielle is creative and organized.  I do not believe we have done the same work-out twice.  This is fantastic because I have the attention span of a gold fish, and am easily bored.  Danielle keeps me engaged, interested, and working hard.  This alone should put her up for some kind of humanitarian award (I can't say I'm always easy to deal with!).
Danielle gets results.  In just a few short weeks, I feel stronger, healthier and more capable than I have in a very long time.  The benefits of my hours spent with Danielle have translated into many different areas of my life, from the simple and routine (I can take the stairs at home - six flights no problem), to overall stress relief (I'm not overcome with anxiety in the morning over whether or not I'm going to get my favorite pants on - well, now they might be too big, but I can live with that!).  I show up to my training sessions expecting both to work hard, and to have a great time.  I am never let down.  I leave with more energy than I came in with, as well as a great sense of accomplishment.  I like and respect Danielle, and not only do I want to work hard for myself, but I want to do well just to impress her!
To sum up: Thanks to Tamara for answering all my questions and signing me up to your excellent facility, to Lynn for giving me an honest fitness wake-up call and setting me up with the perfect match, and thanks especially to Danielle for the all the hard work she puts in during and outside of our sessions.  If she can be that committed to my health and well-being, I certainly can be, too!
FYI: Since I've joined the club I'm down over 15 pounds! And counting!!!

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